Week of Prayer, 24 April 2017

During the week commencing 24 April 2017, could you find one or more Christians with an interest in Bedford Street Angels with whom you could meet for 30 minutes or so, to pray over the following topics?

If you are able and willing to do so, we believe that God will bless BSA even more than He has already – will you join us in faith, please?

for God’s favour and protection, especially in our relationships with door staff, taxi marshals, police, club managers and the Borough Council.

for renewed motivation, inspiration and health of volunteers.
for spiritually mature Christians (especially females) to apply and become regular volunteers.
for wisdom and discernment in decision making: we are considering extending the ‘normal’ finishing time for patrols from 3am to 4am.

Thank you for your interest and concern for this work on behalf of the Lord and His people in Bedford and the surrounding area.