Week of Prayer October 2017

Dear friends,

During week commencing Sunday 15 October 2017, could you meet with one or more Christians who have a heart for Bedford Street Angels, to pray over the following topics, please?

Alternatively, could your church prayer meeting or small group, perhaps, include them in a suitable ‘slot’, during their time together?

If you are able to do so, we believe that God will bless BSA even more than He has in the past 8+ years – please join us, in faith, to seek His power to be shown in this work of Christian witness, on behalf of churches in the Bedford area.

– for God’s favour and protection, especially in our relationships with door staff, taxi marshals, police, the management of venues (several have changed/are changing at present) and CCTV operators.
– for the healthy financial position of BSA.

– for God’s choice of committed Christians to fill the 3 vacancies for Trustees at the AGM on 2 November 2017
– for spiritually mature, working-age Christians (especially females) to apply and become regular patrol volunteers (currently there are only 19 active volunteers, with an average of 13 of them doing so on a monthly basis this year)
– for renewed motivation, inspiration and strengthening of existing volunteers, and pray-ers at home and at Base.
– for ‘God opportunities’ on the streets to share testimony, pray with folk etc.

Thank you for your interest and concern for this work on behalf of the Lord and his people,

Trevor Moisey,
on behalf of the Management Committee.