As an organisation, we aim to provide teams of Christians to be available to everyone using the night clubs and other entertainments in Bedford Town Centre on weekend nights. This is done as an expression of Christian faith; partnering with God in prayer and action adds a dimension that sees communities and people transformed. God is far too big to be kept in a church building – as Christians we have chosen to live a life that seeks to make a difference – for the better. That difference needs to be made in the places where people are. FIND OUT MORE


Help folk to safety of a taxi or wait with them for a ride home

Listen to those who want to talk or share their issues

Provide flip-flops to those with tired or sore feet

Perform basic first aid for those with minor injuries

Hand out bottled water to those who may be dehydrated

Respond to Nite-Net radio calls for assistance via CCTV

Offer assistance to guide people to a safer place

Identify vulnerable people on the streets at night

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Dear Angels.

I heard the tragic story of Robert this week on local media. It moved me to tears. Its extremely upsetting and difficult to understand how people could have behaved in such a way toward another human being (Robert). There is no understanding of such actions.

I wanted to write in support of you and let you know I applaud the positive action born from the event of Robert’s passing.

It is truly wonderful to hear of you helping other youngsters in the same circumstances. As a mother I realise how I worry when my own children (17 and 19) are out of an evening. They are all kids finding their way in what can be a dangerous world. The fact that you have replaced evil with love and compassion is amazing.

I would like to wish you luck and to thank you on behalf of the many parents and children you’ve assisted since 2007.

This world needs more folk like you.



April 2017

I would like to thank you and the whole team we spent the night out with on Saturday 28th January. I know both Katie and I were amazed at the amount of incidents you get called to and those that you find. On the night one young man even said “I never realised that there were still people who genuinely cared about others”. This is a huge testament to the work that all the Street Angels do and the kind and caring nature with which you do it. I spent the night using social media making others aware of exactly what you do from dealing with incapable youths, providing water, flip flops and carrying battery packs to top peoples phones up with, ensuring those who are vulnerable get home safely and even giving warm drinks to those living on the streets.

I would like to thank you all again for a having both Katie and I and for giving us the opportunity to work with such a kind and dedicated team of volunteers.

Samantha Denness

Samantha Denness

Community Engagement Officer, Office for Police and Crime Commissioner, Feb 2017
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Message from the Management

Having been involved with Bedford Street Angels (BSA) since it started, it’s an absolute privilege to become the chair of the management committee. The work BSA does is amazing and it’s wonderful to be able to show Jesus’ love in such a practical way to a variety of people every Saturday night. First of all I would commend the volunteers to you. Age is no barrier to this amazing crew out in all weathers: they bring a level of dedication, resilience and compassion which is rarely seen. It’s great to be able to work alongside and be accepted by other groups who are involved in the night time economy such as the police, the paramedics, Bedford Bid and door staff. You can see from the website what we do every Saturday night week in week out and not only that, the management committee is constantly striving to improve the service we give. It’s very humbling for me to go out on patrol with the founder members, who not only forgave the lads involved with the death of their son and set up the charity but continue to serve as volunteers. I am excited about the future of Bedford Street Angels as we approach the start of our 12th year in the new decade. There is much work to be done in passing on the baton to the next generation but it’s important that I close by giving God the glory for all that BSA have achieved in the past and will go on to do in the future.
Martin Denny – Chair of BSA Management Committee