Volunteers from various Churches seeking to demonstrate the love of Christ: to be ‘salt and light’ in the community when many other Christians are tucked up warm in their beds! They go out in teams of 3 onto the streets of our town centre each Saturday night between the hours of 10.30pm and 4.00am. They supplement the work of the paid emergency services and are part of the wider team of ‘official professionals’ whose role it is to help keep the town safe at night.

Each volunteer wears a red jacket bearing the distinctive logo, thus they are easily identified as ‘safe’ people to approach if help is needed. Since going on the streets in February 2009, the project has been able to assist an amazing number of people, out to enjoy the clubs and bars around the town centre. Many have expressed their appreciation of the support offered and we have developed good relationships with the other bodies also ‘on duty’.

How to Volunteer

Take a look at What Type Of Person and see how you measure up. If you are still interested then email the Chair of the Management Committee with your contact details so that he/she can get into touch with you. Potential volunteers go through a thorough process of observing patrols at work on several Saturday nights
and Sunday mornings before being invited to make a formal application to become a Street Angel.

Volunteer Sign-up

Volunteers already enrolled onto the project can sign up for duty on the BSA Sign Up Sheet. You can view, but not edit the schedule below. To be able to edit and save changes, you need both the following:


If you don't already have a Google id, you need to register for one. Please goto https://accounts.google.com/SignUpWithoutGmail and sign-up with your usual email as the id. Registration is free.

Get Authorised

To become authorised to edit the rota sheet, or if you need any help using the schedule, please email webmaster@bedfordstreetangels.org.uk. You must use the same email id as for registering.

Once you have these details, you may sign up on the Google Docs rota sheet by clicking the button below the sheet.

NB/ Please enter your first name and surname initial only on the sheet. This is because the sheet is open for anyone to view it. When you make a change, the sheet is saved automatically.

If you have any problems, please contact webmaster@bedfordstreetangels.org.uk.


Online Volunteer Rota Sheet

The sheet below is read-only. You may click the button beneath the sheet and sign up on the rota.



We run training sessions on two Saturdays each year for Street Angels. The introductory training is mandatory. Other training is voluntary unless encouraged by your mentor.

The next BSA training days are:


Street Angels Protocols

Standard Operating Procedures > Agreed between Bedfordshire Police and Bedford Street Angels.

Nite Net Radio Handout > Explains how to use the Nite Net radio system.

Vulnerable Persons Protocol > What to do when encountering people who are drunk, worried about domestic violence or depressed/suicidal.

Management Structure > Information for volunteers about the management of BSA, how to get information, how to make a complaint and what happens if anyone has concerns about your conduct as a Street Angel.

Team Leader Role Description > Duties of the Patrol Team Leader before, during and after the patrol.

Patrol Volunteer Role Description > Duties of a Patrol Team Member before, during and after the patrol.