Week of Prayer 7-14 April 2019

We invite you to join us in a Week of Prayer for the work of Bedford Street Angels.

Only God can provide for the wide range of needs of this work, which is carried out on behalf of His Church in Bedford and the surrounding area,
so we suggest the following topics for your participation with us:


  • For the 10th Anniversary Celebration on 23 February 2019, which was attended by approximately 70 people, including some local dignitaries. This weekly act of Christian service is very clearly respected and appreciated by the residents of Bedford and district.
  • For all the volunteers that patrol on Saturday nights from 10pm to 4am on Sunday mornings – mostly once per month but some, to avoid cancellation of a patrol, twice per month, PLUS our Pray-ers at Base and at Home, PLUS the two volunteers that ensure that all equipment is re-charged and in order, and that patrol rucksacks are fully stocked and ready for use.


  • For the provision of additional female volunteers to re-inforce the current number of six ladies: a minimum of one is essential, to enable a team to go out on a Saturday night, and sickness, family responsibilities and unavoidable absences can threaten this and lead to the cancellation of Saturday night patrols. This is our most urgent need!
  • For sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading each Saturday night, especially for the Team Leader and volunteers on patrol, and for His continued protection.
  • For the opportunity to make ten-minute presentations during services at six churches by the end of 2019, to encourage potential volunteers.

We appreciate your interest and support – could you join with at least one other Christian during the Week to seek God’s blessing on Bedford Street Angels, or ask for it to be included in your weekly church notice sheet, or in your church and/or small group meetings?