CNI Network becomes ROC Angels

A letter from Paul Blakey, founder of  Street Angels and CNI Network, 11 April 2022:

Dear friends

This month marks a new and exciting chapter in the ministry of CNI Network.

Around twelve months ago Paul, the CEO and founder, suggested to the three trustees of CNI Network that we merge with another charity that would give us the needed governance and support a growing and thriving international charity needs. After twelve months of conversation we are now in the process of closing down CNI Network and will be moving to sit under the charity Redeeming Our Communities (ROC).

ROC and Street Angels were set up around the same time and over the 17 years we have supported one another as we have both replicated, developed and pioneered new models of impacting local communities.

CNI Network will be wound down over the next three months and will become known as ROC Angels.

Paul will still continue in his role as CEO of ROC Angels (on 23 hours a week) and will still be involved in work such as Festival Angels, delivering talks, visiting, supporting and connecting with local projects, sharing social media updates, etc.

We hope and pray that our local projects and local branches will want to stay as part of the ROC Angels. We will continue to run on a donation basis as our heart, as always, is to equip the local church and community to best reach and impact its local area.

Together we have built an amazing Kingdom bringing network of local projects who have seen crime reduced, thousands of people helped and supported, partnerships formed and communities changed because we have committed to loving the person in front of us. We want to build on this foundation, under the banner of ROC, to keep on loving and serving for years to come.

God bless,