Week of Prayer 22 April 2018

Dear friends and supporters,

During week commencing 22 April 2018, could you meet with one or more Christians who have a heart for Bedford Street Angels, to pray over the following topics?

Alternatively, could your church prayer meeting or small group, perhaps, include them in a suitable ‘slot’, during their time together?

If you are able to do so, we believe that God will bless BSA even more than He has in the past 9+ years- please join us, in faith, to seek his power to be shown in this work of Christian witness, on behalf of churches in the Bedford area.

Praise God:

  • for an unprecedented 7 observers having come forward, mainly in response to deputation visits to churches! This is the first stage of their possibly becoming recognised Street Angels.
  • for the well attended (57+ persons) Celebration on 24 February 2018, including the Bishop of St Albans, the High Sheriff, Police and 18 representatives from 7 similar projects in other areas.
  • for the continued healthy financial position of the charity.


  • for spiritually mature Christians (especially females) to catch the vision and become the next generation of volunteers to patrol and lead the work.
  • for renewed motivation, inspiration and strengthening of existing volunteers, pray-ers at home and at Base (additional prayer warriors always welcome!).
  • for ‘God opportunities’ on the streets to share testimony, pray with folk, etc.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Trevor Moisey,
on behalf of the Management Committee.